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Who we are

Bridges of Peace Initiatives (BPI) is a Kenyan Non-governmental Oorganization founded in 2013 and is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities not only to be peace creators, agents and ambassadors but also to be peace practitioners in their daily lives.

BPI empowers and builds capacities of individuals and communities by training, facilitating and coaching them through appropriate Conflict Resolution and Transformation mechanisms like Dialogues, Negotiation, Mediation, Trust Building as well as Emotional & Psychological Peace and Wellness.

About BPI

Our Vision

We envision a Kenya where individuals and communities are empowered and committed to practice peace in their daily lives for social transformation.

Our Mission

Empower individuals and communities of diverse strengths and vulnerability with relevant, efficient and effective peace building skills and techniques.

Core Values

Dialogue: Seek to understand differences and to identify common interests, shared goals and possible solutions. Dialogue allows people and …

Our Programs

Mediation Training

BPI promotes Mediation as an effective and efficient alternative dispute resolution mechanism. We train individuals and groups to be professional mediators qualified to practice either as private mediators or apply for accreditation from the Kenyan Judiciary and be  Court Annexed Mediators.

When competently used, mediation can be used to resolve most inter-personal disputes and conflicts between individuals, groups and organizations.

Conflict Transformation Training

The question is not if there will be conflicts but how to constructively resolve conflicts when they show up in our lives, in our communities, in our countries.  As human beings who inevitably view, perceive, and interpret life in very different ways, it is impossible to really avoid conflict.

BPI is committed to helping individuals, communities and organizations have a better understanding of conflict and how to resolve them constructively.

Champions for Peace

Champions for Peace (CfP): This program seeks to empower community leaders with skills and techniques to create safe spaces and to facilitate constructive inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogues.  

BPI is committed to empowering a network of champions for peace who will be committed to bridging the inter-ethnic and inter-religious divides in our country through dialogues and trust building engagements at every level of the society

Healing Conversations

The Healing Conversations is a 3-day programme that provides women, men, and youth with simple yet transformative tools and techniques to enhance their emotional and psychological peace and wellness. 

Our program provides a safe space for women, men, and youth to acknowledge and courageously confront any pain, brokenness, or emotional woundedness they may have experienced in their lives, so that they can begin a journey of inner healing and restoration and live a fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful life.

Forgiveness360 Workshop

We can live through life without being hurt by others, hurting ourselves and even hurting others. We all need forgiveness, whether given or received. 

The Forgiveness Workshop is designed to help participants develop the ability to forgive, let go of resentment and ask for forgiveness towards themselves and others, in order to promote healing, growth, and greater emotional and relational well-being.

Forgiveness is a complex concept, and many people struggle with it. But forgiveness is possible regardless of the source of the pain.

Giraffe Heroes Awards, 2023

Giraffe Heroes Awards, Kenya, is an initiative that seeks to identify, recognize, and celebrate Kenyans from diverse backgrounds who have gone above and beyond to serve their communities and promote the common good.

We believe that by shining a spotlight on these remarkable individuals, we can inspire others to stick their necks out too, and help solve significant public problems.

Tell us about the unsung heroes in your community. Nominations for Giraffe  Heroes 2023 are now open! 

Our Areas of Operation

BPI News

May 30, 2022NewsInaugural 40-hour Mediation Training in Nairobi “Of all the trainings I have ever done, academic and otherwise, this 40-hour training has been the most impactful and practical. As a person who is always resolving conflict, this training has been life changing for me.”  These were the words of one of the participants during the inaugural 40-hour Mediation training by Bridges of Peace Initiatives (BPI) that took place in Nairobi Chapel on 23-27 May, 2022. The training had six participants and most of them were Pastors serving in different churches in Nairobi. The group had been inspired by Pastor Ondachi, a Senior Pastor at Mavuno Church Lavington and a Mediator. Pastor Ondachi made it his mission to ensure that every church minister is trained as a mediator because he believes it is going to make a difference in the communities where they serve. “It has been liberating for me to learn and understand mediation and how different it is from counselling. A lot of cases that Pastors take for counselling should be taken for mediation.” He expressed.  “It is such a relief to have the tool of mediation and to know that I actually don’t need to have solutions for people when they are in conflict. What I need is a strategy to take them through a process that can potentially help them do the hard work of exploring and deciding on the solutions that will work for them.”  Shared one of the participants. The training goes beyond learning how to help others, it is also about learning to help yourself when in conflict as expressed by one of the participants; “I live here as a person who has been transformed as a man, a husband and a leader.” And as one of the participants shared, the mediation training is beyond a professional skill, it is actually a life skill! “The 40-hour training has been mind-blowing for me. Mediation should be taught as a life skill. Everyone needs it.” “Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to train, coach and certify you as Professional Mediators! You committed and dedicated yourself to the 40-hour Mediation course. You sat on the hot sit with confidence and practiced as Mediators. Now you are ready to start your mediation practice journey. And we are here to walk with you”. “Njeri Ndiangui, the Lead trainer for Mediation and the Executive Director of BPI told the participants as the training came to an end. [...]
June 3, 2022NewsParticipants doing a mediation role play during the training in Bomet County BPI wishes to congratulations the nine newly certified Professional Mediators in Bomet county trained on 30 May-3 June, 2022!! The participants, who were a mix of different professional backgrounds, found the training very helpful and practical. “I thank God for the opportunity to be trained as a Mediator. I have been mediating without the necessary skills and knowledge. Now I have the skills and techniques to help people resolve their conflicts more effectively. This course has been a blessing to me.” Shared one of the participants. One of the participants reflected on the training in a technological language; “I started the class with an old mediation operating system. Through the 40-hours, I have downloaded a few other applications and upgraded my mediation operating system” expressed the participant. While another one reflected on the training from a medical perspective; “Being a mediator is like being a mid-wife. The pregnancy is not yours, the baby is not yours and it is not your job to dictate on how the parents should care for the baby once born! Your work is to help deliver the baby and allow the parents of the baby to decide on how they want to care and parent the baby.” Another participant was fascinated by the quality of the 40-hour mediation training. “It has been such a long time since I attended a training that was so meaningful in my life like this one.” “I am leaving here feeling empowered as a mediator” said another one at the end of the training. BPI is grateful to be making a contribution to the field of peace mediation. We are humbled that we are empowering people who can help many others to resolve their conflicts in a much more peaceful way! The lead trainer for the training was Mediator Njeri Ndiangui supported by Mediator Edward Ondachi [...]

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Bridges of Peace Initiatives - BPI

4 weeks 1 day ago

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself ~ Tony Robbins #ForgivenessWorkshop #InnerHealing #BridgesofPeaceInitiatives

Bridges of Peace Initiatives - BPI

4 weeks 1 day ago

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future~ Paul Boose