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Conflict Resolution Workshop for Teenagers!

What a joy this was to empower 36 teenagers with practical skills and steps of resolving interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways. The one-day training took place on 6th July, 2022 at the Kenya Connect’s offices in Wamunyu village.

Thanks to Kenya Connect, who organised and facilitated the Conflict Resolution workshop for the young people. What a priceless investment in their lives!

Understanding conflict and learning the skills to resolve conflicts in constructive ways is something that should be taught to everyone, including children, as a life skill. Conflicts are part of life and we all need to learn how to normalize conflicts. That will give us the courage to respond and not react to conflicts when it shows up in our lives.

It was a joy to partner with Kenya connect and together make a contribution in empowering the teenagers with the important knowledge and skills of resolving conflicts constructively.

And it was great to be told by one of the team members for Kenya Connect that the students kept on sharing how the ‘fantastic workshop’ had impacted them.

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