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James Musyoka: The Champion of the Village that Reads!

Here is the remarkable story of James Musyoka, a visionary from Wamunyu village, who has spent the last 22 years transforming his community into a hub of readership through his organization, Kenya Connect. At the expense of building his personal financial future, James has committed his energy, knowledge, and skills to empower Wamunyu village with educational programs, including reading clubs, challenges, and a Community Library. James’s unselfish dedication has elevated literacy levels, improved communication among villagers, and enhanced academic performance in local schools.


Florence Makau, a 49-year-old Kenyan woman, has spent the past decade as the primary caregiver for over 100 homeless children in Machakos County. Moved by the heartbreaking sight of desperate street children, Florence transformed her small apartment into the Bondeni Children’s Rescue Center, now Nuru Children’s Home. Closing her business, she used her savings to provide for their physical, emotional, and educational needs. Despite financial struggles, Florence remains committed, selling her assets to support the center. Florence’s selfless dedication stands as a beacon of hope for the vulnerable, showcasing the transformative power of compassion.