Bridges of Peace Initiatives

Who we are

Bridges of Peace Initiatives (BPI) is a Kenyan Non-governmental Organization founded in 2013 and is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities not only to be peace creators, agents and ambassadors but also to be peace practitioners in their daily lives. 

BPI empowers and builds capacities of individuals and communities by training, facilitating and coaching them through appropriate conflict resolution and transformation mechanisms like dialogues, negotiation, mediation, trust building as well as emotional & psychological peace and wellness.

At the heart of BPI’s approach to sustainable peace is the believe that ‘Peace begins with me’. Sustainable peace must start from within people’s hearts, then trickle down to families, to the communities and eventually to the world. We create opportunities, stable common grounds and safe spaces for sharing meaningful conversations, dialogues, ideas and experiences that promote peaceful solutions to disagreements, disputes and conflicts.  

We champion for inclusive and collaborative peacebuilding approaches that are appropriate, efficient and effective.