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Inaugural 40-hour Mediation Training in Nairobi

“Of all the trainings I have ever done, academic and otherwise, this 40-hour training has been the most impactful and practical. As a person who is always resolving conflict, this training has been life changing for me.”  These were the words of one of the participants during the inaugural 40-hour Mediation training by Bridges of Peace Initiatives (BPI) that took place in Nairobi Chapel on 23-27 May, 2022.

The training had six participants and most of them were Pastors serving in different churches in Nairobi. The group had been inspired by Pastor Ondachi, a Senior Pastor at Mavuno Church Lavington and a Mediator. Pastor Ondachi made it his mission to ensure that every church minister is trained as a mediator because he believes it is going to make a difference in the communities where they serve. “It has been liberating for me to learn and understand mediation and how different it is from counselling. A lot of cases that Pastors take for counselling should be taken for mediation.” He expressed.

 “It is such a relief to have the tool of mediation and to know that I actually don’t need to have solutions for people when they are in conflict. What I need is a strategy to take them through a process that can potentially help them do the hard work of exploring and deciding on the solutions that will work for them.”  Shared one of the participants.

The training goes beyond learning how to help others, it is also about learning to help yourself when in conflict as expressed by one of the participants; “I live here as a person who has been transformed as a man, a husband and a leader.”

And as one of the participants shared, the mediation training is beyond a professional skill, it is actually a life skill! “The 40-hour training has been mind-blowing for me. Mediation should be taught as a life skill. Everyone needs it.”

“Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to train, coach and certify you as Professional Mediators! You committed and dedicated yourself to the 40-hour Mediation course. You sat on the hot sit with confidence and practiced as Mediators. Now you are ready to start your mediation practice journey. And we are here to walk with you”. “Njeri Ndiangui, the Lead trainer for Mediation and the Executive Director of BPI told the participants as the training came to an end.

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