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You are Changing Lives: Professional Mediation Training

“I thought I was coming to learn how to help other people resolve conflicts! The training has transformed me as a person. I have been able to look at myself and seen where I could have handled issues differently.”

The above comment was made by some of the participants in the five-day Professional Mediation Training that took place on 25-29 July, 2022 at the Savelberg Retreat Centre, Nairobi.

As practitioners of peace mediation, our training is designed to not just give skills and techniques but to also bring inner transformation as one of the participants noted. “You are not just training Mediators; you are changing lives. Thank you for impacting my life. I will now handle conflicts differently. I will contribute in making the world a better place”

Njeri Ndiangui, the lead trainer and the Executive Director for BPI encouraged the participants to go out and make a difference in the broken world. “Allow your newly acquired light to shine. Always remember that our world is broken. People are broken. Go thee and be great Mediators. Go and Transform lives.” She told the participants as they closed the training. 

BPI remains committed to build community mediators who can help individuals and groups resolve their conflicts in constructive ways. The more peace mediators we have, the better for our communities and the world.

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