Bridges of Peace Initiatives

Our Values

  • Dialogue: Seek to understand differences and to identify common interests, shared goals and possible solutions. Dialogue allows people and communities to develop authentic connections and have a deeper understanding of each other. 
  • Community: Create and maintain a safe, supportive, healthy and humane environment for yourself and others.
  1. Trust-building: BPI advocates for honest conversations about the past, the present and the possible future. That leads to people and communities avoiding blame, embracing shared responsibility and extend the hand of friendship.
  2. Compassion: It is critical for people to be genuinely concerned about the others’ suffering, pain and misfortunes. When people make an effort to understand and share the feelings of the other person, barriers of hatred, resentments and misunderstandings are broken. 
  3. Integrity: Act with the highest degree of honesty, fairness and personal integrity, especially when dealing with conflicts.